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A photo of Adrian at Triple A Personal Training

My name is Adrian and I am a qualified Level-4 Personal Trainer. I’ve been a fitness enthusiast and personal trainer for a number of years, and I am one of those lucky people who can say their job is their passion and their passion is their job!

I wasn’t always in good shape, I wasn’t always fit. I wasn’t always happy with the way my body looked.

I used to hate P.E class in school. Everyone else, my other peers, were all faster or stronger than I. Whatever sport or activity was planned for us by our teacher, I always came last. Whether that was last in the races, last to be picked, or last to have a go at the activity.

Outside of school, I avoided as many forms of exercise wherever possible, except maybe going for a walk across the moors with my family once every so often or if the weather was kind (which was rare), a swim in the sea.

Something changed though when I was fifteen. My dad gave me his old set of dumbbells and this advice, ‘a man should be strong with broad shoulders’. He showed me a few movements, the basic movements that I could do with dumbbells at home, in the comfort of my room. From the moment I picked up those old dumbbells, I was hooked.

With his words of advice ever – ringing in my ears, those dumbbells rapidly became my best friends. As time passed, I did manage to add some size to my arms, legs, back, and shoulders. I felt confident with my improved physique, but it wasn’t enough. I looked lean, but I wanted to look like one of my favourite wrestlers or action heroes. You know the look I mean, muscular, broad and strong!

Years passed, and I continued to work-out at home with those same dumbbells, and after I had finished school I went to work for a company that subsidised gym memberships for their employees. The gym was a new and exciting yet intimating environment for me, and although I began lifting a little heavier than those old dumbbells at home, I still didn’t really understand the finer points of what to do or how to do it.

A work colleague and I who shared the same goals went to the gym together, and we tried numerous training methods. To name a few, Supersets, Drop Sets, German Volume Training, Complexes, Alternating Sets, we did 3 x 10’s, 5 x 5’s, 21’s. You name it, we gave it a shot. So it is a safe bet to say that I had personally experienced a moderate variety of theories in terms of weightlifting at this point in my life, experience being further increased upon now being fifteen years later, and being a qualified professional for a number of years.

With the blessing of my beautiful wife, I left my current office job and I studied hard and qualified as a personal trainer, making my passion my career. This newly – gained knowledge helped me to understand the finer points regarding how a muscle works, the importance of nutrition, training frequency, volume, training specifically, appropriate movements, etc and I’m fitter and stronger than I ever was, not to mention I am also much happier with how my body looks.

I’ve applied my knowledge, and indeed new information I gain along the way (I’m a firm believer that learning never stops so I continue to read and research new information so I can offer my clients the best service) to my own training, as well as my clients, and I’m reaping the rewards.

My physique has changed dramatically since those early days starting out in my bedroom with my dad’s old dumbbells, dreaming I could rival my favourite wrestlers in a match. Even though my passion relates to aesthetics, I look and feel stronger than I ever did, and I’m still making progress!

After successfully training clients in person, and continuing to so to this day, I want to help you. I want to give you guys ‘n’ gals out there the chance to carve the muscular physique you want, the muscular physique you deserve. I want to give you the chance to train with me, use me as your own personal trainer even though we might be miles apart.

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