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The Valiant V-Taper Workout

"I want a V-Taper physique, broad shoulders, big chest and a thinner waist
but I only have access to dumbbells"
A black and white photo of a muscular v-taper physique
A V-Tapered torso

If this sounds like something you might think or say, then the ‘Valiant V-Taper Workout’ is for you.

I’ve designed the plan to solely make use of dumbbells (and you), whether at home or in the gym.

It focuses on the upper body using mostly but not exclusively, compound exercises to help you achieve that tapered look you desire and deserve. This workout plan will broaden your shoulders, tax your upper chest, and put emphasis on your back muscles to thicken and widen your back.

It’s a 3 day per week session plan, it will require dedication and appropriate nutrition, but the results you will earn through consistent hard work will be worth it.

You will receive a free document explaining the Valiant V-Taper Workout in-depth, which muscle groups are going to be worked, a free full-colour booklet explaining how to do each exercise and a workout spreadsheet.

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